42 Dugg - Strictly For The Gangstas Lyrics
feat. EST Gee

(Forever rollin’)

Different kinda nigga
I can boss your life up (For real)
Don’t compare me to these suckas
They ain’t nothin’ like us (Nah)
I been trappin’ all day
Watch my money double up (Yeah)
Gang been out in L.A. for two weeks
Straight goin’ nuts (Goin’ crazy)

Ima still hold it down
This swinga’s choppa full of bruh (I got you, nigga)
Ima still gon ‘get to play
When E call me, go get the dust (What’s goin’ on?)
I can’t worry bout that other stuff
‘Cause they just talkin’ crazy (Talkin’ fools)
Said he ran me at the mall
I hit him up with his old lady (Facts)

5, 10 with the 20s
Whatchu get for cousins and the brothers (No cap)
I ain’t sprayin’ nothin’
Hittin’ mamas, sisters, and y’all uncles (On God)
My choppa be bussin’
I can’t let up off this bitch for nothin’ (Nah)
My whole section thuggin’
Known for fuckin’ hoes and countin’ money (Alright, go and get money)

Most these bitches bluffin’ like they got it
But they ain’t got nothin’ (Shit)
I just get to uppin’, ain’t no talkin’
Won’t be no discussion
My lil niggas dangerous with them bangers
They gon’ make you famous (Uh)
Posted on an island with some strangers
They got itchy fingers (Bop)

Big check if you catch ’em, plenty money
Won’t play with your payments
He leave on a stretcher, I can’t pay you
Need him in the pavement
My ice is the greatest, you re-cook it
It won’t change the flavor (For real, nigga)
Bitch, I’m from the hood
And I make music strictly for the gangsters

Strictly For The Gangstas Lyrics

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