Arlo Parks - Black Dog Poem (lo fi lounge) Lyrics

This a poem called Black Dog

You promised you’d be there in the morning
And I only half-believed you
Because last time you said that, you almost weren’t
I should have forgotten that by now, but I remember
There has always been a part of you
Some little agony
Smooth, hot, painful
Something that I cannot touch
I hear the smile in your voice today, though
A loose string of dark-red silk
So soft, faint and rare
Where did it come from?
For months it seemed the curtains were always closed
It seemed like you were always angry at me and tired of yourself
It seemed like you wouldn’t survive this
Ignoring the jewel of hope behind my right eye
Rolling over onto your side to crush a tear with the side of your wrist
Like a tiny blue flower
We were all so scared

Black Dog Poem (lo fi lounge) Lyrics

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Collapsed in Sunbeams (2021)

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