Atmosphere - Carousel Lyrics
feat. Nikki Jean

I want my up, steady is my down
When I, I, I
I want my cup, as heavy as my crown
When I, I, I
Look in the mirror, I’m so glad I found a friend
When I come around again
I want my up, steady is my down
My cup heavy as my crown, when
When I come around

She told me to come inside and get out of the raindrops
And stop living your life like a dayjob
I’m tryna make this feel like a holiday
It’s a complicated celebration nowadays
Gotta take it anyway we can acquire it
Reconsideration to our time and our environment
Trying to find a silver lining with yourself included
It’s why we play these records like there’s keys in the music

It could be as simple as it’s ‘sposed to be
If only what they told me was actually what they showed me
Hope the kids get a chance to tell a brand new story
But in the meantime please don’t stand so close to me
She says she never loved the police
That’s when I knew I wanted to protect myself from her sting
And I don’t know what to think
But nah I’m trying to redeem
For every time I didn’t seem to keep my eye in your team

And I can be as careless as a dream
But as careful as the breeze carry seeds from the trees and
Spread ’em cross the field until they too little to see
Until they barely just a ripple in the sea
Specifically I’m free to be stressed
And worried ’bout whatever sequence
Of events and experiences, I’m feeling incomplete
And let me get this release, I believe that I need some relief
I disappear into the night like a what?

I was a horrible thief, forgot to steal anything
I’m on the carousel, tryna take care of myself
We can laugh, we can sing, I’ll be back next spring
On the carousel, tryna take care of ourselves
I’m as present at the callus underneath that ring
You on the carousel, tryna take care of yourself
I appreciate the challenge but these lights ain’t green
On the carousel, tryna take care of myself

Carousel Lyrics

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