Atmosphere - Something Lyrics

When I feel like nothing
I gotta get up to somethin
If you feel like nothing
You better get up

And when they test you, are you gonna pass or fail?
Got lost in your face, like I’m following acid trails
She tried to call me when she got outta jail
It rained forever and ever, went to the voicemail
This goes to all my birdies out in Albuquerque
Don’t ever let ’em put the thermometer in your turkey
Raw like Neneh Cherry and Eddie Murphy
If your posse’s full of outlaws, you might be my attorney
I wear my sunglasses at the airport
I’m horizontal on the carpeted floor by the food court
But my shoes are clean, neither are missing
A player wakes up before he dreams about pissing
Back when I was green I used to rap to be seen
I just wanted to be a part of the team
But now I miss ’em blue jeans, looking like Bruce Springsteen
Know what I mean? It wasn’t even close to Halloween

You smell like a pillowcase full of sugar
Please, you probably got some cheese up in your burger
Hoes gotta eat too, peace, Mr. Witherspoon
Leaves in a swimming pool, listen fool
If it’s all the same to you, tell me how you gonna kick it
Like a kangaroo, when you sound like dude
That sounds like another dude, robber from the inner tube
What’s the hullabaloo, we need the who?
They call me Shawn, I used to hang out with your aunt
Toke a little kush and play a little tonk
I knew your daddy and your fast-ass mom
So what, so what, so what you want? What you want, huh?

I drove the bandwagon
Used to have fantasies of vanities as in the last dragon
I’m closing in on fifty and my fashion is flagrant
I’m officially too old for these pants to be sagging
When you don’t know where you are put your eyes to the sky
And identify the North Star
Watch it as it storms toward the podium like give me your support
Before I go, young buck up in your guts with a dinner fork
Pull a little liquor out for the diseased
And spit a sick forty for my fortunate peeps
I only came here to catch a couple of looks
And pull some fish out your lake with my rust hooks

When I feel like nothing I gotta get up to something
If you feel like nothing you better get up to something
When you feel like nothing you gotta get up to something
If you feel like nothing you better get up

Something Lyrics

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