Bankroll Freddie - Pop It Lyrics
feat. Megan Thee Stallion

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Let the BandPlay (Yeah)

Young nigga turn, I’ma pop it (I’ma pop it)
Keep me a thirty, nigga, this ain’t no [?] (Baow)
Get your ass shot, I ain’t doin’ no boxing (No boxing)
I keep this shit in they face like a backend
I know he hatin’, I got the bitch watchin’ (Haha)
She on my drip, ayy, she like how I pop it (Oh, she like it)
You can’t afford neither one of these watches (Nah)
She wanna fuck and she heard that I’m toxic (Big toxic)
I wanna fuck on lil’ mama, she thick (Ooh)
Booty so big, ooh, look at them hips (Look at her)
Like how she shake it, might give her a tip (Give a tip)
[?] to the back, I might get with this-

Pop It Lyrics

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