Beck - Hyperspace Lyrics
feat. Terrell Hines

Faster, farther, longer, harder
I just wanna grow and grow
Beauty, light and crushing life
Wanna feel more and more

In hyperspace, electric life is in my brain
In hyperspace, spend all my nights and all my days
With you
With you

My life is hyperspace, summer days out of phase from the praise
Gamma rays touching base just in case tidal waves
Fueling hate, time it takes, overlaid, mutilated
Take your pay, celebrated, let your mind disintegrate
What’s going on? I’m concentrating Where you at? I’m navigating
I’m losing form, it’s all resonating, no recant, articulated
Infrastructure all outdated, this could all be a simulation
User needs to be intimidated, they won’t know when they’re invalidated

In hyperspace spend all my nights and all my days
With you
With you
With you
With you

Hyperspace Lyrics

Hyperspace (2019)

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