Big Red Machine - Hutch Lyrics
feat. Sharon Van Etten, Lisa Hannigan & Shara Nova

You were alive
Then you were unafraid
Of how much the world could take from you
So how did you lose your way
And what can you tell me now?
How are you these days?
I want to know everything
How hard are times out there?
These are the things
That I wish I could’ve said
To you

So I can relate
With the notion of need to erase me
I know you weren’t faking or making it up
How did it get that bad?
Did you even hesitate?
You go out so far to escape
To try and replace your fate

So you say
There’s no need to contemplate
Like we all end up dead anyway
And there are no remedies ready
But I swear there are many
But I swear there are many
And if I could I would pick you back up
To the top

Hutch Lyrics

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