Bloc Party - Rough Justice Lyrics

Matte black ‘rari
When we pull up, they’re sorry
Blacked-out windows
Strictly for those who are in the know
Talking real extra
Let me get you all the way together
Looking supa dupa aeroplane fly
But now you got a crush

We be the kind that ain’t got no scruples
We be the kind that break the law

Two steppin’ all through this town
Maxing out your credit card
We tell them nothing, so they make shit up
I don’t need any new friends

We got the fury, we got the smarts
We’re waiting in the parking lot

You can’t hang
With us
You can’t hang
With us

See, we be kind of choosy, put us in a movie
First in the jacuzzi, gang gang all the way
Pupils dilated, you love it ’til you hate it
Follow me ’round the party, but I’m not in the mood

You can’t hang
With us

They’re cutting it with seltzer on the low-low
Repping Baron Samedi from the get-go
The things you do for blow or a little guest list
Have consequences (Consequences, consequences)

We don’t like to role play
We need the real thing all day
Giving you the business, kept boys and mistresses
We chase you ’round the houses
We can find where you live
Make you disappear
Make it look like an accident
Champagne in plastic glasses
Inside us is a wildness
So don’t make it obvious
Keep my name out your mouth
So don’t make it obvious
Don’t be an easy lay
My! my! my!
How the tables have turned
I wouldn’t sit down if I were you (What?)
Did you think I was ramping up for an apology?

If you see us in the cut freely
Wired as fuck, double drop, breezy
If you see us in the cut, it’s easy
Turn and run

Rough Justice Lyrics

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