Bloc Party - The Peace Offering Lyrics

I was filming my final scene the other day
When something really rather grave came over me
«Don’t take it so personal,» you used to say
«It’s only a game»

The first thing I lost was belief in the system
But in the end, the system always wins
I bet you wanna know what happens next, don’t you?

So if I’m being frank
I have no need for your scented candles
I don’t need your peace offering
I’d rather have the money you spend
If I’m being frank

So I ride into town on a blood-red horse
Thinking about the thought that connects all thoughts
Where did it get you being Mr. Plus One?
You’re not being honest

As Heaven’s my witness
I did you no harm
There was no, no malice in my heart
Even after everything you’ve done
No, I don’t wish you death by stinging nettles
I don’t with you death by a thousand paper cuts
No, not anymore

But I, I think it’s better
You, you stay where you are
And I continue to support you from afar
Through the whispered words of mutual friends or the Society Pages
And to Evening Standard magazine

See, I remember how you walked away
And I see now what was really at stake
So when we meet again at the crossroads
And you see me the way I see you
There will be no bitterness
Just next time, do the right thing

Do the right thing
And don’t believe all
And do the right thing

The Peace Offering Lyrics

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