Bonecage - Untitled Goose Song Lyrics

Oh hi, who am I? I’m a naughty goose
It’s not weird, but it might seem strange to you
I’m just an everyday regular guy living my life
Nine to five in a bird coop, but I

«Gooses don’t know how to boogie»
Well stand back mother clucker, I know how to dance
Move your shoulders like this
Maybe kick a leg or make a weird face
Hey, you don’t have to focus on the backbeat
Backbeats for all the chickens who try to be fancy

Tap them pigeons and get that mischief
Steal you papers and eat your biscuits
Bird man
Coming into town with a plan, bird plan
Fowl play!
Fowl play!

Honk honk, things about to get wacky
Chasing you in circles like we just did a track meet
So happy to causе a ruckus
And if you don’t like me you can go and suck it
Cause I’m a Goosе On The Loose and I’m ready to do this
Better be prepared cause if not I give two shits
Word up to Dan Bull for that little rhyme scheme
Bout to shake a tail feather cause it’s gotta nice ring
Fowl play, humans are my pray
I could do this all night, all day
Bird is the word, better learn what you heard
If I see theirs a pot best believe it is stirred
Do not disturb, oh I think I will
Got a long list that I need to fulfill
Coming in to deceive you, call me a Trojan
Once I’m in, now I’m leaving everything broken

Untitled Goose Song Lyrics

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