Bones - Aluminum Lyrics

Hey, hey
Give me the pack, no time to wait up (wait up)
Bringing it back now I be waking up (waking up)
See me around, They like «There he go»
Putting it down like a stereo
I get my fix, then I bounce out
I hit the switch and make ’em bow down
He just a bitch and he ain’t bout what I’m bout

Put it on and Imma take it home
My body feeling like a vacant home
Nobody wanna come help me, they rather burn me down
Look at my mind, just bent aluminium
Look at the time, Say i dont know ya’
I don’t wanna go
I don’t wanna go back

I know my time ain’t running out make me dangerous
No don’t ask, get no pass, you can’t hang with us
In the past, I was trash, I ain’t changing me
Then move on, when she drink, she pray to me
Walking on thin ice
I think «Don’t mind if I do»
Remember all these nights I pulled you close and told you
I won’t be around
I won’t always hold you down

My neck Illuminated
And the hoopty candy painted
Made me a little bit of change
But I never thought I’d change it
I don’t feel right
The words don’t feel right
Bout to lose my head
Going straight in a field like

Aluminum Lyrics

BURDEN (2021)

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