Brett Kissel - Die To Go Home Lyrics

This town was too slow, it was way too quiet
I was bored to death every Saturday night
Left my Mom and Dad, in my rearview mirror
I promised myself I ain’t coming back here

Eighteen, careless, wild, and reckless
Stars in my eyes
They tried to tell ya
«Man you’ll miss the simple life»

Just like gravity
Tugging at your soul
You’ll pray to leave
But you’ll die to go home

City lights, velvet ropes
There’s always a party, everyone goes
Every crowded room, yeah, it’s all the same
Who you are, who you’re with, or the money you make

After a while, the empty smiles
Make lonely nights
All that matters, climbing ladders
Now I find

New York’s hard
And LA’s cold
I prayed to leave
Now I’d die to go home
I’d die to go home

Ooh, ooh

When I was a kid I’d watch planes fly by
Leaving vapor trails and me behind
From my window seat there’s a farm below
I was praying to leave now I’d die to go home

Die To Go Home Lyrics

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