Brian Setzer - One Bad Habit Lyrics

You don’t drink — you don’t smoke
You’ve never told an off color joke
You don’t lie — you don’t cheat
You never underestimate — you never overeat

(You need) one bad habit
One bad habit like me
Try one
You might have a little fun
(With) one bad habit like me

You don’t swear — you don’t steal
You’ve never done a dirty down deal
You don’t bing — on TV
On your coffee break
You drink decaffeinated tea

You don’t waste any time
Hangin’ with those buddies of mine
You don’t put people down
You always try to leave the room
Whenever I’m around

You don’t speed — you don’t whine
You never even cut in line
You don’t go — with the crowd
You never play your rock ‘n’ roll
Music too loud

One Bad Habit Lyrics

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