Brian Setzer - Smash Up On Highway One Lyrics

Did the devil call your name
To tempt you to take a ride
Down that midnight reckless road
In search of a place to hide?
Ninety-nine into the curve
Running from what you’d done
Up the coast there stood a ghost
Smash up on highway one
Thunder struck — and shook the sky
You tremble behind the wheel
You know what you thought you saw
You’re prayin’ it wasn’t real
It’s too late to turn back now
You ran out of room to run
Wind blows cold your fortune’s told
Smash up on highway one

Old song on the radio
Is casting a quiet spell
Bringing back her haunting eyes
And secrets you’d never tell
In a dream did she return
To build castles in the sun?
In a trance you watched her dance
A smash up on highway one

Smash Up On Highway One Lyrics

Gotta Have The Rumble (2021)
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