Briston Maroney - Say My Name Lyrics

I think God’s been watchin’ you
From his house in Heaven
Hopin’ for a heavy change of heart
All my friends are tellin’ me
Though I’m gettin’ better
I’m not quite feelin’ like myself when we’re apart

I’ve been waitin’ patiently
For a change in weather
Patiently, I’ve waited for your call
If you ask my mother, she’d say
I just don’t know better
But the truth, I don’t know anything at all

But maybe that’s alright
The things I do not know
Just say my name before you go

Laughin’ from the livin’ room
Later in the evenin’
Red wine stains the skin across my palms
And if I can’t keep a hold on
All the things that I’m forgivin’
Whats the point in feelin’ anything at all?

But maybe that’s alright
Another flower grows
Just say my name before you go
Just say my name before you go

Say My Name Lyrics

Sunflower (2021)

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