Briston Maroney - Sinkin' Lyrics

And all that you needed
Was one good reason
And you couldn’t find it
Left her standing
So damn demanding
With hands in your pockets
Took all the money
Never found it funny
Moved back with your parents
Blamed all the feelings
You can’t conceal
All emotion and the violence

But some things are out of your hands

Looks like in the end I
Packed up your bags
And went out and got her
Took the clothes from the closet
Safety deposit
Wasn’t an option
Fought up to beauty
Always saw through me
And knew what she wanted
Fought up to passion
And fucked up the fashion
And lived out of order

But some things are out of your hands

In the dead of the night
When I laid by your side
Victory, death and pride
Couldn’t lie if I tried
Till you know it takes
To be some from their break
At the spark of a flame
I’ve got no one to blame

Do you know what I takes?
Do I have what it takes?
Do you know what it takes?
‘Cause I have what it takes

And mama had a baby
Drove her crazy
Pushed her to drinking
Daddy wore the collar
Spent the last dollar
That ship was sinking

Oh, you talk about the money, baby
Not about the money, baby
Not about the money, baby
Tore undercover
You don’t need another one
To fuck, were you thinking

Maybe some things are out of your hands

Sinkin' Lyrics

Sunflower (2021)

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