Bugzy Malone - Cold Nights In The 61 Lyrics

It’s 2020 the darkest

Yo, yo, yo, yo
See when I get to deep thinking
I feel like a DiCaprio, but the ship is not sinking
Been watching these other MC’s In my rearview mirror
To the point I had to start blinking
I’ve gotta rethink it
Cause I don’t wanna get entangled
I’m not Pinkett
I keep a little 950 just as a blanket
Cause when I was young I had 3k in the back garden
I had a 125 with no reg plate are you mad
Didn’t even have plastics on the bottom
But it was the best bike I ever had
I said I’m tired of constantly talking about the past
It’s been a long time since I had to wear a mask
And pulled up and kicked the door until there wasn’t any glass
As if I’ve never had a wing on smash
I keep a sword and shield to my right and my left
I was on the battlefield doing Macbeth
You can keep the east and the south and the west
I’m the king of the north got it tatted on the chest
And they’re still tryna catch my fire in the booth numbers
Still getting paid from my M.E.N. numbers
I’m looking at a box of 50’s and there’s 100’s
And the beef ain’t over till we’re 6 feet under
And I know he likes to stab man
I always get the memo
If I’m dealing in boxes I have to get a demo
They’re looking at it like it don’t belong on the curb
But when you get a Rolls Royce you can park on double yellows
They can’t relate to me anymore
They talk like the plan wasn’t to escape
Like we didn’t discuss living in Spain
But when you really do it big nobody celebrates
92% healed still limping
See what happens when I get to deep thinking
When you really from the roads
And you blow and explode
Feels like your hometown will never stop shrinking
I was in Japan bumping into fans
Tell the label I don’t need the advance
I was 21 before I’d ever used a bank
Me I used to love rubber bands
Before I ever got an M on YouTube I had 50
And that was dirty money
And I’d bring a load with me when I had a music video
Now I see these new up and coming rappers
I can’t really see that kinda doe
In M.E.N. one I had 20 in the bag
That’s a laundering charge
If they’d have come to the gaff
We used to rent out apartments
So we could pour buckets of dank into the bath
When I think this deep I never get no sleep
And the price of living isn’t cheap
With a gardener a cleaner an accountant
And the vehicles are luxury
So they need cleaning every week
Turns out there’s no one you can bring with you
When you’re the only one to see the bigger picture
When they start wanting handouts
I just let the bridge burn like a blue slim Rizla
I never worked a day in my life
Tell a lie, there was this one time I worked a 9 to 5
And I would come to work 8 Z’s on the back seat
And I collect money on the top floor at dinner time
I was a sheep dog
When a shepherd let me hold a beater
10 years before I ever touched a meter
Playing team death match as if I was a solider
But that’s just Modern Warfare
Welcome to the bees nest, home of the killer bee
It’s cold in the north, so we keep artillery
Made a couple mill last year
And the year before that
It’s only right I make that a tribology
We don’t need lions in the camp, we got kings
Don’t need a right hand when the jab stings
And you never need gas when you’ve really got straps
And we all take losses, but we’ve took em’ with class
When I lost, you see a Subaru fly past
And you can ask Arms if we got it right back
When we pulled up where we tryna’ hit knee caps
And aren’t they lucky they never got kidnapped
They were bad on the phone
When they seen us they flapped
You win some you lose some, you learn and adapt
I would never trust bitches, they’ll set up the trap
Trust nobody, stack up money until you can relax
Welcome to the thoughts of a street kid that made it
Welcome to the mind of the one that went first
I left the door open so them man can go and get wages
Nobody this independent, they all signed to labels
And that’s why a crown is my pendant
I said nobody this independent, they all sign to labels
And that’s why a crown is my pendant

Cold Nights In The 61 Lyrics

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