Bugzy Malone - Skeletons Lyrics

Oi blinks
I told you about the chain already, it’s just heavy

I’m fucking with dollars in blue again
And now my ego is telling me it’s me against you again
I had a right hand man and then I kinda lost two of them
Killers, knew a few of them
Uh, some incarcerated and some are sitting at home
Living with ghosts
I could have got the Phantom but I wanted two doors ’cause I prefer solo
I knew a couple maniacs that put it in my hand and told me run up and shoot but I hit the goalposts
That’s on my mothers, I’d be lying if I told ’em that I didn’t come close
That’s the last time I ever called a jail cell home
I’m looking at a couple acres, three to be precise
Used to have to use my sleeve to get the claret off my knife
Trackies and some Nikes, running for my life
Cah you know it’s that time when you see them blue lights
Jumping in through nettles, stung head to toe, fuck it
Get a call back the minute I get home
Them times I had an older bitch living on her own
And she told me how to build blue slims, flip mode
Taught me how to get high and let go of control
And that’s the same year Risky got killed
I didn’t know him that well but guns don’t respect no one and bullets leave holes
God rest his soul
Hollow tips will make a man’s body turn cold
Man are using man bags to carry their weed but we wouldn’t bring a pouch unless there was a snub-nose
Were getting lost in my younger days
That’s ’cause I’m fucking with that Alizé
And I’m a made man now but I was a recruit like Leonardo was to McConaughey
Fuck a psychiatrist, fuck therapy
That’s how we live when you come from skeleton city
When it get dark I just bring them skeletons with me
And the bottle’s done like I’m Irish and it’s Guinness
Stood staring at the statue of ecstasy, I got it with a matte black finish
I had the 23’s imported from Germany, if you haven’t noticed the double R’s not spinning
Yeah, I thought I was the only one who’d look cold blacked out
But when the grim reaper walked up to my hospital bed and pulled off the covers I was lay there grinning
It’s only a resurrection when a real one’s risen
Come a long way from her majesty’s prison and I like it better when the lyrics not written

What you saying Blinkie, I can talk for a minute, yeah

And this whole time, my mum, I miss her
Cah I’ve said some shit on this album, I hope it doesn’t upset ya
Cah you’re a real queen
And I remember you sitting in that interview room and the police was telling me I was looking at attempted murder
And you’d hidden my phone in your bra
I fucking love you forever, that’s a real queen
King of the north
The 61 till there’s no one left
Only the real understand
The resurrection
Constantly working on my imperfections, Bugzy Malone
Dun know

Skeletons Lyrics

The Resurrection
The Resurrection (2021)

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