Bugzy Malone - The Masters (Interlude) Lyrics

What you saying? You recording?
Don’t be scared to talk you know Rymez, yeah, yeah
Just because it’s fucking recording
So see what yeah
When we made this and started making the beat up
What I was talking about, the reason I always talk about Vince Van Gogh is because I was born educated about the original artists on the planets, the Van Goghs, the Salvador Dalís, I come from that cloth, you get me? As a kid I’m fucking painting, I’m drawing pictures and all that shit, you get me? But I’m bone idle so I use my voice instead of a paint brush, you get what I’m saying? I use words instead of paint, you get what I’m saying? So I paint the pictures in people’s mind, that’s why in this song I’m saying picture this and imagine that, ’cause I’m bringing you to the scene of the fuckin’ incident, do you get what I’m saying? My whole career is one long story filled with inspiration and motivation and traumatic events, do you get what I’m saying? And what I’ve done in this is I’ve took them back, you know like a prequel? In Star Wars they have a pretty goals but it goes back sometimes before going forward, this is prior to Bury New Road, you know? This is prior to me getting stabbed in the leg as an eleven year old and that’s what this album is man, this is, that’s what my whole career is, this is the story of my life, you get me? And the reason Vince Van Gogh is my favourite artist because he painted his story for the truth, you get me? For the madness, for the happiness, for the sadness, you get me? And that’s, that’s what I intend to do with this, this whole album.

The Masters (Interlude) Lyrics

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