Cannibal Corpse - Necrogenic Resurrection Lyrics

Sacrificial victims, slaughtered en masse
Thrown in the pit with his bones
Blood will seed the rebirth
Our lord will rise, materialize
Undying evil, immortal sin
Almighty killer avenged
They will die, he will rise
Reanimate through homicide

Necrogenic Resurrection

Essence of our leader exists in the dust
Into the hole they are cast
Fear, regeneration
Our cult provides, death giving life
Horrific worship, the freshly slain
Bleed on the ground where he lies
They will die, he will rise
Reanimate through homicide

Necrogenic Resurrection
Death giving life
Necrogenic Resurrection
Life giving death

Up from the earth
Born again from blood
Ascend with violence
Corporeal once more
The grasping hand, abomination surging forth
Atrocities, compulsive mutilation reigns
Massacre perpetuates the evil madness
His brutal murders are a bloodbath preordained

Disembodied evil again is made whole
Slaughter ensues in his wake
Death will feed his vengeance
Stabbing with knives, gouging their eyes
Barbaric madness, he kills again
Shredded flesh covers the ground
All will die, genocide
Merciless butcher arise

Necrogenic resurrection
Necrogenic resurrection
Necrogenic resurrection

Necrogenic Resurrection Lyrics

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Violence Unimagined (2021)

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