Cannibal Corpse - Overtorture Lyrics

As I lie upon a bed of nails
Handcuffed, strapped, and bound to iron rails
Now rendered dead as my organs fail
Thus pain exists inside this netherworld of fate
The shooting pain now begins to swarm
Engulfing me within a blaze of storm
Annihilation from the chloroform
This agony will only cease when I am gone, gone

Shall I overcome this tragedy?
As I am ravaged through blasphemy
Conjured suffering of savagery
This agony will only cease when I am gone, gone

Agonizing, terrifying, excruciating horrid ghastly pain
Separated, lacerated, castrated, sundered severed limbs
Sheer torture, unbridled torment
Contaminated, mutilated, disassembled scattered smothered flesh
Decapitated, desecrated, exterminated rancid rotting corpse

As the knife is plunged ever so deep
The bleakness of my reality strengthens
Must my fate be of eternal sleep?
The actualization of my death is near


Overtorture Lyrics

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