This will be the last time that you ever hear from me
An inmate in my own asylum, that’s where you’ll find me
Walk into the light until you can’t see
Die waiting, like the world will be

Just scream it
Don’t even think about it

She feeds off that energy
Just like Dracula inside me

2083 the year of my death
99 years possessed by the countess
Forever in love with death
Bound to the countess of perpetual torment

Lost girls looking for their lost boys
We’re all in hell
Love is a lie, we’re all empty inside
And I’ll go to my grave with that truth to tell
I’ll draw blood that I don’t even need
Just to see you writhe
Just to see you bleed
I’ll take this to continuity

When the record’s over you won’t know what to do with me
I’ll take this to dark fucking places
When you’re in my head
You’re in hell
No safe spaces

I’m here for the death penalty
Kill em all, no gods to sort em out
That’s what I want to see
I’ll be here when death knocks at my door
Waiting for the end
I can’t take it anymore

2083 the year of my death
99 years possessed by the Countess
Forever in love with death
Bound to the Countess of perpetual torment

I can write about anything
But when I scream
Death is all that comes out of me
One cut more and it all goes black
One cut more and I’m not coming back
All these years and I know my abuser
Her name is death
And I’ve gotten used to her

She wants to drag me down to hell
I’m already there so you might as well
I am one of those kids that got fucked with
These are not just words, I am actually sick
This is for the ones that live at the edge of the abyss
In our world only death can save us


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