Christian Lee Hutson - Creature Feature Lyrics

Creature feature
Smoking underneath the bleachers
Said he hooked up with a teacher
And ruined her life

We may be related
But he’s not my brother, I’ll just say it
It’s impossible for me to fake it
Or change my mind

You are a mystery to me
That is no mystery to me

I want to go away
St. Louis basement making trains race
Nice restaurant to eat food I hate
Really anywhere (Anywhere, anywhere)
Playing Nintendo
Floating paper lanterns past your window
I know that things have been slow
Hope they pick up soon

You are a mystery to me
There is no mystery to me

And I’m sorry for always
Feeling the need to apologize
But I always feel like I’m a big inconvenience
And hope I’m not right
Maybe I’m not right
I don’t know what things are gonna look like
Three burning crosses on a hillside
Or hands across the world

Creature Feature Lyrics

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