Christian Lee Hutson - Strawberry Lemonade Lyrics

In a dream drinking strawberry lemonade
Feeding quarters to a pinball game and
Getting paid to look the other way
My foam finger slapped me right in the face

I banged my head on the plexiglass
I can’t remember where my house is at
And this Moms Against Drunk Driving ad
Keeps playing on a loop in the back of the cab

Oh, what a pitiful hill to climb
Every night of my evil fucking life
208 to the end of the line
I swear I’m really done this time

I said goodbye to my oldest friend
Could barely string together sentences then
A hundred dollar bill folded into his hand
I’ll see you on the other side of the fence

I need headphones to fall asleep
I close my eyes and I pretend to be
In my little room on Rostery
Step-dad reading Treasure Island to me

Pain is a way you can move through time
And visit people that are gone in your mind and
Smooth over every wrinkle you find
The truth can’t hurt you if you know it’s a lie

I’ve had this thing that John said to me
Circling in my head the last few weeks
«We were raised on dreams that keep
Turning our fingers green»

A baby boomer’s last acid trip
A pushing at the casket lid
Just some jacaranda petals in a basket
Wrapped up in plastic

Everything is an accident
God’s truth is elastic
We sent a man to the moon and back again
Strapped into a trash can

There’s a consolation prize
In the corner of my mind
There’s a consolation prize
In the corner of my mind

I will always be your friend

Strawberry Lemonade Lyrics

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