Christian Lee Hutson - Teddy's Song Lyrics

Chasing a buzz, the end of the week
The meteor shower, Docweiler beach
The atmosphere burning them up when they enter
I know there were reasons but I can’t remember
You talk all the time and somehow you say nothing
You’re everything wrong with this horrible country
It’s the tunnel of love with you all summer long
Just kiss me and kill me if that’s what you want
Nothing is standing in your way anymore

Asleep with the radio next to the bed on the floor
‘Cause it sounds like my parents talking through the door
I was supposed to be writing again
But I keep getting lost at the end of my pen
I’m starting to feel like my friends barely know me
The greatest hits inside joke karaoke
Lean over the railing at the Roosevelt
Like nothing would happen to me if I fell
Nothing is standing in my way anymore

On the curb in the hills up behind your new house
The heat finally broke now the sun’s going down
The glare from the headlights of each passing car
Flickering in your eyes like candles in the dark
Soft blocked, it’s fine though, it had to be done
Got tired of trying to please everyone
You moved here so you could be closer to Ruby
You’re shedding your skin, turning over a new leaf
Nothing is standing in your way anymore

Teddy's Song Lyrics

Quitters (2022)
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