Common - Intro (Push Out The Noise) Lyrics
feat. Jessica Care Moore

Push out the noise
Songbirds replace the morning commute
Face adjusting to the lack of sunshine in the blink of an eye
We know exactly where we were when the world stood still and grounded all the stars
On our back porch patios relearning the subtle art of breathing
Our tribes, our well traveled scars
We found warmth inside a family of arms
Connected with other mothers
Crafting countless lives and transforming two-bedroom apartments into theatrical stages
Ceilings covered in constellations
Learning really begins at home now
We remember every lyric to every song ever played
Living room is the dance floor
God bless the DJs
Perhaps the battleground and our peace of mind our suspended on the edge of Earth
Balancing gracefully right outside our front doors
And the laughter of our brilliant boys and the de-silencing of our majestic girls
We (We) push out (Push out) the noise (The Noise)
What is more radical then authentic love?
Moon at half mass, masquerading as global light
I see the God in you, that’s what goddesses do
I made you breakfast too, we eat at noon
We move time
Sometimes the bravest step is standing our ground
B-Girl stands defiant along these divided skies
The same hands that built all those churches dipped in gold
Palms open and breakdance pose into prayer position
Also made you dinner and kissed away all your fears
The ones that saw us in the future and prayed us into existence from the 1700’s
We still here
Everywhere aliens
Where to win if not in our own mythology?
Where to find comfort if not in the arms of our lover?
Our children swing, our breath pushes them into possibility and whispers their stories into truth
Birth is never planned, but oh, how we first cry
Fly Sankofa style back into a safe place along his treasure chest
A few moments right before the sun sets when summer returns after winter wept
Tears become a necessary blessing, a holy water for the forgotten
We are praying to any ancestor listening
Ain’t we always been a amplified joy?
A boombox altered for the descendants of drums and water bearers
A gathering of souls
A sanctuary surrounded by natural springs, the bling of butterflies
Headphone escape route, a survivor’s anthem plays on
Someone will tell them, «We are still alive»
We fight inside the music on our own land
Built from ancestral memory and questions
When do warriors rest? When there is nothing left to die for
What have you learned from being inside?
There’s still no place like home

Intro (Push Out The Noise) Lyrics

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