Crypt - Is It True? Lyrics

Grandpa! Hey Grandpa, come here!
I wanna play a game with you, Grandpa!
Let’s play some Truth or Dare! I’ll go first…

Is it true that when my mom was 2, you started to abuse her?
Lost your wife and decided mama would be your new one?
Is it true what they say about your place or just a rumor?
That it’s hotter than you can imagine there with Lucifer?
Is it true that when you spent a couple years behind bars
You lied and told my mama that you got in a fight at the bar?
Is it true that instead you were picked up by the feds
‘Cause you were transporting minors across the border for sex?
Is it true that all your buddies would come and lay on the couch?
Get high on some pills, and you’d threaten to pass her around?
Is it true that when she said that she would tell what you did
You told her you would kill her if she ever opened her lips?
Is it true that you’re uncomfortable? I’m sorry, let me back off
I’m sure you haven’t thought of this in years, or even at all
But I’ll make this so much easier, dares are way more fun
Let’s spice this game up a bit, Grandpa, you ain’t no punk
I dare you to try and make it right all those things you did
How you took the light and innocence of your very own kid
I dare you to try and blame it on your own mental health
Tell me that you were sad, tell me that your kid helped
I dare you to try and tell me that you loved her too much
‘Cause you don’t even know what love is, you miserable fuck!
I dare you to try to right all these wrongs you did in your life
But you can’t fix this in an eternity, there isn’t enough time!
I dare you to lie to me, that’s a sight I’d like to see!
Because hell has no fury like the fire inside of me!
I dare you to make excuses, I dare you to justify it!
I dare you to disprove it, I dare you to survive this!
But I dare you to meet me at the gates of hell when I come
‘Cause I’ll be there for a moment, you and me can have fun
It really is a shame, that I don’t even know your name
‘Cause if I did, I’d go to Tulsa and I’d spit on your grave!
I thank God I never got the chance to meet you
‘Cause I probably would’ve been the one that killed you
After mama told me all those things you did
You’re lucky that a heart attack got you before her kid

Is It True? Lyrics

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