Curren$y - Closing Date Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Closing date
I just got the keys to a closed down grocery store, we parkin’ cars in it
We stars, really gettin’ it, you fools bore us, really
I’m sittin’ and listenin’ to my engine, it sounds strong, isn’t it?
Square rapper, I don’t do no fuckin’ song with ya
Don’t need that feature money, multiple hustles I got
Runnin’ that always make it up for me
Another Rolex, my other one’s worn in company
She watch me like Cinemax, she said she wanna be the one for me
I got love for the rap game, appreciate the things that it done for me
At the same time I’m scarred, pa
This shit hard, lifestyle niggas kill for
Cameras in your yard, niggas creepin’ through your doors
It appears that you have been sent for
Told a youngster to eighty-six ’em
He responded, «Big dawg, that’s a ten-four»
One eighty seven, it’s a real war
Tit for tat, it’s the unsettled score, they spun on them
So they finna spin, and it’s gonna happen over and over again
Ain’t nothin’ you can do about it ‘cept to protect your body
Choose wisely your partners and move out your mama
Stand on your promise, act with honor
My mackin’s polished, you’s a novice
You a nuisance, I’m a legend, you a motherfuckin’ illusion
Still gettin’ better and better at how I do it
If you could imagine D93s on a E-class wagon
My homies active, I’m not flaggin’, I’m just mashin’
Fifty-seven Bel Air with the tail draggin’
Sparks flashin’, Spitta talkin’ that cash shit, yup

Yeah (Da-da, da-da)
What you call a nigga that be goin’ too far? (Da-da-da, da-da)
What you call a nigga got— (Da-da-da, da)
What you call a nigga got thirty-five cars? (Da-da-da)
What you call a nigga that be playin’ the role? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
What you call a nigga walk away with your broad? (Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life)
What you call a nigga that be talkin’ that talk? (Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life)
What you call a nigga that be walkin’ that walk? (Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life)
What you call a nigga got thirty-five cars? (Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life)
Keep the E in it, Chevys on switches, baby
Smoke weed in it, post it in your pictures (Yeah)
If you can keep a secret, we can always kick it (Yeah)
Rule number one, don’t talk about me with your man (Da-da-da)
It’s that shit that have me suspicious (Da-da-da)
HIttin’ switches on Chef Highway, dippin’ (Da-da-da)
Huh, yup, cool, we can bring it with us (Yeah)

Closing Date Lyrics

Collection Agency
Collection Agency (2021)

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