DaBaby - My Baby Lyrics

Shit, I can’t name a nigga flow like I flow
Get it out the mud like I did
Told you out the door what I’m on
You probably wouldn’t be fuckin’ with Baby if you know what I know
I get behind her and she shake it, that’s my baby
My lil’ bitch so fuckin’ pretty, my dick hard before she naked
And my gun ain’t got no safety, ain’t gotta flash, you know how I play it
Yeah, lil’ bitch, she throwin’ ass, look how she act, she goin’ baby
I done got drunk off the Henny, told my BM, «Let’s have a baby.»
Told my daughter daddy rich, cheat on me? Shit, we goin’ crazy
I think daddy need a straight jacket
Counted 50,000 on the floor, we started breakdancin’
First class flight, so I could have all my ice goin’ out and stay flashy
You know I’m poppin’ shit, nigga
You know that all my shows bring out them hoes, so watch yo’ bitch, nigga
Got snot comin’ out my nose ’cause bitch, I’m cold, you know I’m sick, nigga
I’m on the highway lit, try not to get hit, nigga
Hop around with me? Nigga must wanna find out if his vest work
Open the blunt, fill it with runts, it’s makin’ my chest hurt
She’s eatin’ a dick, she eat it with spit, shawty a expert
Mmm-mmm, shakin’ the hand, I act like we friends, yeah, that’s how your net work

I’m just sayin’ though, like, you know, that’s the name of the game, you gotta act like you cool—

My Baby Lyrics

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