Devendra Banhart - Taking A Page Lyrics

I can see it in the way
That you are the painted
Flowers in the big parade
Flowers in the big parade
Deep inside your heart
Staring at the sky
Calling out the shapes
Clouds make as they pass by

And first they thank you by pulling out your tongue
And you apologize for being where you’re from
I could hear the animals painted on the cave

And I was taking a page
From my own mistakes
It was an empty book
Until I took a look
I was taking a page
From all the time I spend
With a vanity
That knows no end

The many unknown thrills
Hard to translate
Time yer all the time
Elegant heart rate
She would look at her
As she reaches in her pocket to find
All of human-kind

I’m in my Free Tibet shirt that’s made in China
With evolution’s last jumping off point behind ya
But I’ve got an infinity of things left to refuse

And I was taking a page from Carole King
You’re so far away
Doesn’t anybody stay?
I was taking a page from remembering
There’s so many things
Right there under my skin

Wandering through a world
Neither of us understands
And when you think you just can’t stand it
Zoom out and see the planet

Cause love is a little like
Crowd surfing in an empty club
Oh that’s a little bit like
Something a lot like love

But things could really be much worse
At least there’s smiley face
But I can’t take no more
Guitar solo or car chase

Words tend to mean the most in songs that are just music
Do you ever think that colors say
«Hey who’s your favorite human?»
But I was stranded in the place of my favorite details

I was taking a page
From my imaginary life
Where I’m a good housewife
Yeah that sounds nice
I was taking a page
From never feeling like I
Was a girl or a guy
But I had to try

Taking A Page Lyrics

Ma (2019)
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