Drake - Fire In The Booth Lyrics

I been waiting on this one Charlie, for real
[Charlie Sloth:]
I’ve been waitin’ Driz
I’ve been waitin’, let’s get ’em bro
Nah, for real
Shout out Boi-1da too
Mm, I like that
[Charlie Sloth:]
Let’s get ’em Driz
You don’t have a drink, you’re not drinking or what?
[Charlie Sloth:]
I got a drink bro
Hahahaha, I like that
[Charlie Sloth:]
I got my drink right here. Cheers my bro
Toast up man
Yeah, okay, yeah

Goldman Sachs, they wanna hold my racks
Hedge fund investors talk to Adel like he the expert
I hear it in they tone when they address him
We way too connected
Tom Ford assistant texted asking if I want classic or double breasted
I flex with broad shoulders
When I walk through the halls they move over
Stories about how we handle ours start to travel like a lone soldier
I told you
You hold your girl the same way that I hold composure
Or hold the wheel of the Fuji white Rover
Silverstein dinners, all kosher
Never rushin’
My niggas really made somethin’ from nothin’
Dodge sentences like they don’t wanna discuss it, change subject
Got the Benny Yang chains rubbin’, never tucked in
Waiting to inhale
Things that I own will sell at auction as proof we did well
My house museum-scale
The only skeletons here are the ones from the nights I raised hell
Make sure the staff are paid well
Make ’em think twice ’bout the stories that they tell
No one knows when the plan is hatchin’
I’ma let ’em walk on eggshells
Tiptoe, niggas better know

[Charlie Sloth:]
Wow, man like Drizzy Drake!
[Charlie Sloth:]
Got his foot on your neck man
What time is it? What time is it? It’s like two in the morning right now.
[Charlie Sloth:]
Yeah, well it’s real late over here
It’s me and Charlie, that’s it, you hear me? We got the whole building to ourselves.
[Charlie Sloth:]
We got the building. Kill them again, kill them again Driz, kill them!

[Verse 2: Drake]
Y’all keepin’ the score while watchin’ me score
Y’all keep the awards, I’ll take the rewards
If y’all goin’ for fun, I’ll stay and record
But if y’all goin’ to war I’m there for sure
Wouldn’t miss it
I’m living next to Michael, Bobby, Ralph, Johnny
My neighbors soundin’ like New Edition
That’s these guys
Us guys don’t wear New Balance or Levi’s
Key West retirement plan
Grippin’ the Callaway club in my hand
Hittin’ balls off of the balcony into the sand
Tryna see where they land
October Firm the new chain of command
El chico, this verse is the explanation for the large ego
100 mill’ hands free like Ronaldinho
I go from Star to Venetian in a small speedboat with girls we know
Take your pick, Brooke or Tanya
Both those shorties’d leave their GPS on so I can find ya
Drop location
Spring break trips, I’m in hot rotation
I took a lot of my brothers from B and E licks or the pot rotation
To ridin’ shotgun in a Picasso painting
Tricks up sleeves, have ’em playin’ innocent to get the shits I need
Loyalty is priceless to me and this I see
Before I ever seen this shit tatted on P and tatted on C and tatted on me
I speak truth and get to shatterin’ dreams
So it’s best to tiptoe, niggas better know, yeah

[Charlie Sloth:]
Drizzy Drake! You’re an animal Drake! You already know that you an animal bruh! Animal!
I’m saucy!
[Charlie Sloth:]
Saucy! You just stepped out of the club straight into the booth like it’s light. Tear up the ting in one take!
Showed up for you, you know what I’m sayin’?
[Charlie Sloth:]
My brother Drizzy
My brother, you already know
[Charlie Sloth:]
Wow. And you know what it’s like. You stepped out the club into the booth to prove to everyone why you number one bro. Why you got your foot on their necks!
Nah for real. I stepped in here, SN1, OVO, Fire in the Booth, Charlie Sloth. Come on. The official. I rock with the official. I’m on official ting, you know what it is man. Come on, come on
[Charlie Sloth:]
Ayy bro, it feels like that’s another moment there, you know what? Like, I got to say this to you on the real bro. The way that you’ve embraced British culture will be remembered forever. And the UK love you. The real G’s over here, you know that bro. When you go to your parties, you see who’s in your parties.
Nah, you know what it is, of course
[Charlie Sloth:]
It’s the certies
Nah, listen, but listen. It’s a family and it’s a big family, you know what it is. I’m just happy to be home, like I said man.
[Charlie Sloth:]
My brother, man. Foot on neck time.
Yo, are these guys dumb? You see the big man Charlie too, oh my goodness.
[Charlie Sloth:]
My brother Drizzy. I can hear these rappers’ prayers man.
Nah, I’m heated for you right now
[Charlie Sloth:]
They’re like, «Yo, please tell Drizzy to take his foot off my neck!»
Nah, I’m heated right now man, oh my goodness. Shout out French Montana, my brother, you know what I’m sayin’? The big wave, yeah. Shout out Huncho, Quavo. Shout out Offset, blessings on the new ting. Oh my goodness. Shout out, yo–. I could go for hours. Charlie, come on man.
[Charlie Sloth:]
Ayy, you could go for hours. I was at your party the other night, I’ve seen who was there. I’m like, «Woah!» There’s a lot of people, there was a lot of faces in that party.
Nah, I don’t wanna hear no chat for the whole 18 about Charlie Sloth. Are you dumb? Alright. Jheeze, jheeze.
[Charlie Sloth:]
And that right there: one take. A real moment right there.
Yeah, jhee!
[Charlie Sloth:]
And that’s Fire in the Booth my guy!
And I’ll be back January-February part two, you know what time it is. Come on!
[Charlie Sloth:]
Okay, okay
Shout out all the G’s too, man. Shout out all the artists man. Everybody from here doin’ their thing. I’m telling you. Big inspiration. London, England, come on man.
[Charlie Sloth:]
Come on! You know I’ve applied for your passport, right?
Hahaha. I need that

Fire In The Booth Lyrics


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