Drake - Five Points Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Y’all must be listening to Mies ’cause y’all doing less
Never more, shoulda guessed, rapping on beats like they pilots
Made a couple milli then I bought myself a cool house
With a pool house designed by Rem Koolhaas
I’m talking OMA, you’re like OMG
I’m SOM, you’re SOL, you SOB
Some call me Biggie, some call me Bjarke
Either way, I’m notorious: B.I.G
I heard your new tape and I laughed, like
Zaha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hadid
My bars are art so they’re on those walls
My bars hard like Ando’s walls (that’s real)
Your minimal mind is kinda blank, scary
Your momma’s face designed by Frank Gehry (oh god)
I need a final bar that oughta do it, I know
You couldn’t bring down the house if it was called Pruitt Igoe

Five Points Freestyle Lyrics


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