Eric Paslay - Here Comes Love Lyrics

I thought love went south for the wintertime
It’s been cold so long
A new day’s creeping in, I can feel change a-comin’
Here comes love
Here comes love

Come on
Won’t ya come on in, let love start shinin’
Bright as the sun
Come on blind me girl, you light up my world
Aw, here comes love

Whoa oh, my, my
You’re the one who caught my eye
Hey baby, you got a hold of me
I was lost in the night
But you led me to the light
There goes lonely, here comes love
There goes lonely, here comes love

You’re deep in me, I can feel you with every heart beat
You’re in my blood
With every look, every touch, darlin’ you’re a rush
Aw, here comes love


Whoa, oh, oh, oh [x6]


Come on baby, want you take my hand
Why don’t you step down to the promise land?
Aw, here comes love

Here Comes Love Lyrics

Eric Paslay
Eric Paslay (2014)

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