Freddie Dredd - Body Parts Lyrics

You-you you will never catch me sleeping in the fucking dark
With the bass up on my hip
Bout to bust yo fucking handle
Ain’t no fucking with the mane
Hate my life its just a sin
With the murder killer brain
Why you chokin’ on my fame
I’m just sippin’ on the juice
I can feel it like the boof
Head is soakin’ now and chokin’ on the words that I choose
Psychopathic in this bitch
I am leaning off this shits
Ha its fuck I’m bout to dip
Fo the devil tell me this

Hell bound, never safe and sound
Freddie put you in the ground
Making moves with the frown
I’m the king
I’m the devil
I’m just playing heavy metal
In the church
I will lurk
Watch em fall [?]

Kill, I will steal
I’m about to come reveal
What I do, what I do
I’m about to murder you
Its okay, not today
Can you please just go away
In debate, I will stay
With your body you will lay

I don’t care I’ll leave it rot
Bodyparts everywhere

Body Parts Lyrics

Variety Pack EP, Vol. 1
Variety Pack EP, Vol. 1 (2019)

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