Freddie Dredd - Cough It Up Lyrics
feat. Apoc

Stepped up
Over here
Make the money disappear
Rob your ass of all your riches
Listen here, you little snitches
What is going through your brain
You act so quick then feel the shame
Clean your acts when all you do is scream in pain
Crick on your neck
You are just a little speck
In my world
I won’t see the day
Suckas never die to play
I am not a human
Listen boy I’m coming fuming
Having thoughts I am pursuing
No regrets, a lovely movement

[?] small town
Pimping keeps my pockets
So better bring that money trick
Murder these associates
While I kick back on the switch
Greedy like I’m Scrooge McDuck (I really do not give a fuck)
Count it you get stacks for ’em
Pounds of weed then bag it up
Talking to my banker like
«Why you own so many rugs?»
I don’t really know
Maybe I just like that fancy stuff
Yeah like my nerve
You a victim I make you cough it up
I’m smart with it
And I had to break it up

Cough It Up Lyrics


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