Gabe 'Nandez - All Around Lyrics

Come with the five star rap
Spit by the pint, that’s right on tap
On deck, immaculate high elect
Conversating in chambers in various dialects
Ain’t many bringing method like I do
My crew, doper than opium times two
Tide, moon, consume and they rise soon
So we ride soon and climb tombs in the high noon

Funny how planetary orbit is just like
Human laws of attraction I’m guessing it’s just life
Or maybe not, looking for doors and they be locked
Yo you may be shocked upon learning the major plot
Slay the crop and they take life when they raid the block
Chin up when I walk in the streets cause I hate the cops
And they love to look, they love chasing I love to book
And they love a crook, don’t want beef I just love to cook

Yo whatever pig
You could talk, I’m a clever kid
Brother knowing his rights he nice with the rhetoric
Threw him a cage when they heard that the bull fertile
Snake swallow his tail in a trail of a full circle
Shell hollow like snails that’s left to the next life
Gift of gab, Archangel that bless mics
Grey Goose in the cup now he drinking a flock of vodka
Back in the time cycle that’s spinning like Kalachakras

Couple of ill niggas just call ’em the Bunch Of Guys
On beats one beast only with bunch of eyes
Life in the balance, challenge it one time
Grappling the mic in the clutch to touch time

All Around Lyrics

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