Gabe 'Nandez - Alphamane Lyrics

The pillar that bring wind back
The boy iller, string in the spit syntax’d
It’s all in the brain flip that
Into strange, flame, that make it rain intact
Ight ight ight, yeah whatever
Shadow step through shallow depths when i enter

Its just a game if you choose to
Play by the rules in a suit with a Bluetooth

He so perceptive with the vision
I think the prophecies probably swept into living
Glitter and gold passion and fraud
Trapped in the fog slithering coil fasten the rod, odd
One mantra, slum to slum thought the
Consequences of being born is all you got but
Nah cause, just being born you on the top bruh
Foodchain leave ’em husseined like Saddam guts

Never go cop what you don’t got
Clever won’t stop till my throat shot
I don’t see a door knock as a road block
Dope, the spitter be more hot than the stove top

Rappers is punchline artists
I run rhyme sorta like its crunch time Forest
Critical shit, the script we living in, been
Touched by the darkest of forces all for the bling bling

Fuck a referral don’t need no A-list
My shit is rural keeping it thorough like Henry David
I’m, beast like Leviathan creep up behind ’em in
Night time when the tide’s high and the sirens swim
Fly in with, Muay Thai rhyming kick
Drop five guys on some wide eyed shaman shit
Dominant, alpha male man cub conquered it
And what, hands up, ransom, hogging it

Alphamane Lyrics

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