Gabe 'Nandez - Au Cassis Lyrics

Ayo, good, times smoking L’s in the park
Sneaking out the house to see my crew after dark
And its all good through the shutters light shine
To the unexplored borders and corners inside my mind
Concrete paths walking through shattered glass
Running barefoot, but i never come last and
Over yonder, the grass grow greener
Stretching all the way from Africa to East Medina
My style is leaner kicking fever on the microphone
Up in the cypher dropping knowledge on my people’s dome
Back and forth, the seed from the source
Consumed by the illest rap side of the force
Fall leaves amidst the breeze of the tall trees
Faze at the scene serene although my hands freeze
Rap chemistry, vivid imagery, connects all the dots at once with perfect symmetry
They get to testing, stress about perfection
Forgetting that mistakes you make provide the lesson
Until we meet again underground or above
In the scheme of all things,keep it real, one love

Two eyes and oversized ear with a bunch of a guys
Sipping St.Ides under the skies in the summertime
Theres no debating, although my mind is aching
As long as I’m alive i’m staying wise and not complaining
Im living modest on the daily I abolish
My wicked human nature keeping me from being honest
Assert the situation and the nature come clearer
Clearer than a written subpoena in front of a mirror

Winds is silent, these stars shine bright
The warm nights everything’s just right
With all my niggas, the fam, the crew, yes the clan
Reminisce and twist another blunt of afghan, goddamn
I rhyme for everybody in the land
If I don’t have a pen I’m writing lyrics in the sand
Understand, exactly, who the fuck I be , the G-A-B-E N-A-N-D-E-Z

He hit the beat nice when he spit
Slip through the melody cleverly when he rip
Shit, he shouted when he looked at his lip
And realized that the she-devil had already bit
Twit, at that point, he really should’ve dipped
But it took time to transmit under the moonlit
Tomb shit, in the booth the truth sit
Yo the crown be up for whoever the crown fit
Ground shit straight from the fucking mound hit
With roots from the Earth’s core organic

Yo peace to the stars, the universe large, the love is precious, infectious of who we are {x3}

Au Cassis Lyrics

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