Gabe 'Nandez - Champiyawn Lyrics

What’s that there?
Scope him out, check that ear
Like an exile here
See me get rep like an ex-pioneer
T-rex i look at myself out here
Detects they looking for guests out here
It’s like i’m fleeing the stress out here
Rejects lean on the fence out here

I be on my 1 2 3’s
Blew leave of Blue Cheese in QP’s
Pulled seeds from bush weed and
Pushed trees to shook peeps and took fees
2g’s really was never the aim though
Lay low with pesos and take notes
Gabe yo, the cloaked fool who broke rules
Stole brews no O’dooles he’s so cool

Cold food, wasn’t trying to eat that
Seek daps from street cats for feedback
See paths to relapse and weave past
Never be back don’t leave tracks believe that
Males seem to get in the business to get pussy
Everybody crooked and independently rookies
The rap genius with the pencil
Disobedient, Prometheus in the mental

Real talk, hate speech, outrageous
Still walk in grey streets without flavours
Triple negative, still selling all of the memberships
Single file crowd the door to get the medicine
Medici, Cosimo keeping all of your euros
Leonardo Da Vinci Giordano Di you know
The reasoning secretive to the artist
Who was seen as a heathen cause he speak to a goddess

Truthfully a liar
Knew this dude, used to be retired
You get used to being higher
Navigating the clouds abdicating attire
I’m a sire, spitting it serious like messiahs
I split the bias and kick the fire that fit the fryer
I’m getting tired of getting tired of getting tired
Of the signifiers that’s signifying the sin defiant

Colder than February
In the world west of the east coast of the buried
One love to the cemetery
Ever ready and necessary like emissaries
Why you think it’s called protection and not theft and
Why the city hall built next to the projects man?
I shot the sheriff his fellas is on the terrace
Looking for weapons cause overzealousness got ’em jealous

Talk about fools
Whatchu talking bout, talking bout who?
Kidnapping the verbs
Spectacular rapping he spit vernacular firm
This that and a third of a fraction that brought me up
Hocus Pocus hypnosis the dopest vocalist stunt
Back to the fucking future and into the past present
Rap peasants, can’t stand where ‘Nandez is

Champiyawn Lyrics

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