Gabe 'Nandez - GRREN Lyrics

Stay spinning around quick
Work with it the firm cylinder sound fixed
But word is a perimeter did exist
Like cross planetary dimensions that all shift
That’s, one word let the birds sing flat
Stay immature now your learning trapped
Friendly bring in plenty things many things not clear
Everything is everything anything out here
So I am myself reflect your own cause
Everybody get a vision assuming they grow up
What this road bring is this known thing called life
You dispel others when you envision it out of spite so
Understand what you don’t seem to
Overstand all of the people that’s so see-through
Assuming’s just one half of a coin
That’s been flipped depicting the passage of loins
Through the body, call it the vessel or the lobby
Confuse a reason you couldn’t relate to that’s your folly
But it’s nothing, i’m outtie, self-center yourself
Or enter irrelevance, relevant to a shelf

GRREN Lyrics

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