Gabe 'Nandez - Ronin Lyrics

St-laurent strip flow
Three in the morning yves saint laurent drip hoes
The aura on me stick yo
Me i’m imported liquids afford me if you rich yo
Pay me for my verses when i spit dog
Going crazy with the cursive on the script ya’ll
Ask about me wherever i been dog
Got big energy definitely that nig nog
I’m seven thirty that’s what the time is
You should be worried that’s my grind is
I’m a animal look what the grind did
On the edge of insanity where my mind live
Unstable but i’m a solid dude
That’s a paradox, new pair of shoes
Scoop parachutе, when the bread land
If hе not paying attention then that’s a red flag

Used to sit in detention sitting in chem class
Walking next to the building i got expelled at
People spending they pension inside a meth lab
Say my name in your mentions i’m going spetsnaz
Geba nednaz, ronin
All alone dolo mode on roaming
Steering wheel grip that now we rolling
Guinevere sit back now she open
I will pounce on a fuckboy
Trampoline make him bounce if i touch boy
Kickflipping the bird i tell your pops shove it
Fully fakie and feeble you need to stop fronting
She know i got that
I don’t owe you nothing less we signed a contract
She ain’t never met me why she think i want that
You don’t fucking know me you just came in contact
Catch a contact high when i talk that
You talk a lot i listen i heard all that
I seen all that i seen all that
Thirteen at your funeral wearing all black

I ain’t playing with niggas like it’s the all blacks
Don’t start it i finish it you don’t want that
I can smell it on you you ain’t built like this
You ain’t never swallow thirty pills like this
You ain’t never od’d on the track boy
I be staying lowkey on them apps boy
I’m at the bank nigga i’m employed
I’m a grown man you a little boy
Grown man shit, flow sanskrit
You don’t understand nigga go get the pamphlet
On the other hand niggas ain’t get the transcript
They wearing wires i’m getting tired of answering
They ain’t picking up, they don’t listen up
Seen a bum on the corner but he was rich as fuck
Look me in my eyes you could tell that i’m rich enough
Big brown hazel my halo is from a different cut

Ronin Lyrics

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