Gabe 'Nandez - Scumbag Lyrics

All good sometimes bad
All white all black jag
Zebra, all stripes tagged
They don’t seem to r see the paws i have
Set it off like i’m supposed to
Don’t cross you will get tossed in the tofu
Awesome, i told you with caution approach who
Floss with the flow go hard with the vocal
Talk to my self go walk in the land
Where the foxes’ll scram when the oxen advance
Make sense like a penny do
Then i spend x amounts from next revenue

Yeah we back bitch, smack on the atlas
Crash-land slam on the track make it backflip
Sang for the practice, stand in the blackness
Slang cause i can man i bang with this rap shit
Lay in the cracks i’m a stranger to cats
What is stranger is that they think we’re neighbours and chat but
Fuck it though, tears in a bucket go
Back outside in the rain feeling comfortable
Pain is the measurement, drain and remember if
Gabe is the name passports is the evidence

Sway like an elephant tusk in black market
Fame is the arrow of trust that lack targets
Call it he say, she say
We say, fuck outta here with the replay
Fuck around with some kinda weird heart mystery
Call it love call it what you want when you sick of me
Dark’s what the liquor be, starts with a flicker see
Sparks till the end where it rots into memory

Scumbag Lyrics

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