Gabe 'Nandez - Trine Lyrics

Solar, when i roll up i be on my toes, only go toward the ghost
What’s the opposite of prose i guess you could call ’em poems
I guess you should get on my dose
You already know
How the kid do it so awfully dope
Part of me broke what the art of the code was
Guard your throat before your arteries choke up

And they tell you its evenly split
Even the enemy know and pretend to be reading your lips
Talk that shit
Running your mouth you can’t walk that quick
Seen the light in the steps in the distance
And read the fright that reflect on the infant

Fuck with the beat
Never enough i stay cutting my teeth
So very elite
Rarest of meat in the barrier reef
You don’t want to get your area breached
I fuck up everything in the area suite
Young spitta on the come up
Tongue trigger hit a dumb spitta if he run up

One time I was blind in the mind
Nowadays I find my mind all the time
So many ways to be left in the trash
Like bags of the tar get pressed in the cast I
Do recall how we met
I remember the things that you said when you left I digress cause
Me i got rhymes to invest in
Reflect best when less slime is injected

Like an A+ ape
1 percent DNA break up taste
Who fit what the shoe tore in the frame
Rudeboy bring a new toy to the game
Which boy wants to get murked
Urchin, surfing the surface of earth on the search
Watch where you step in the garden
Death as common as one breath in the wrong one
And it’s based on that
Junkies in the alley with a baseball bat
I gotta stay warm in this cold life
Ghostwrite all over the song and it goes like
Trine 120 degrees

Trine Lyrics

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