Geeloum - Freestyle Lyrics

Realest shit ever man

Could have gone to college and got my degree
But then id never be free
All i ever wanted was mom to see me
Make it but now shes 6 feet
Funny how she always told me dig deep
First you find yourself and then you believe
I been G matric at 15
Almost didn’t pass i was writing 16s
Put me on repeat everytime i kill beats
808 sallie cooking in the kitchen
This that real real
Coming from the vill kid
Bout to clean this game up
Im the new eviction
Why you acting tough boy yous a sissy
Niggas act gangster but they on that bitch shit
Thinking that you fresh but really filthy
Only boy i see nasty cizzle
Ohhh boy he didn’t
Loum killed the game took like 3 minutes
Niggas like dont release it
The boy got sauce and hes been jiggy
Trap phone buzzing thats my tilili
If you send the money then andiyzibi
Everything changes boy like ivili
And the boy got no fears ngoba ndatyi sbindi
Took a lot of L’s but ive been winning
Running with this shit till i reach finish
So good with the game like ive been cheating
I be so high im past these ceilings
If she ain’t a 10 then andimdingi
Said it on mic then andiyjiki
I put in the work boy i been busy
Can’t take rest till i meet weezy
Nothing in this life has ever been easy
Except for making music cause i really live it
Ima get me diamonds cause i been digging
Its been yalls season now its Gees season
Loum gone

Freestyle Lyrics

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