H1GHR Music - H1GHR Lyrics
feat. Golden & Jay Park


The clique getting big bring a bigger table
All we do is win name a bigger label
Kings and Queens come claim your throne
The fallen angels singing our song they
Tried dying a legacy only to fail
This is the jungle not for the weak and frail
Yield the power given otherwise lose it
Look at how we living H1GHR MUSIC
Look at how we living H1GHR MUSIC
Look at how we living H1GHR MUSIC
AV and Souf Souf the streets on lock
Jay Park, Sik-K the kings of pop
PH-1, HAON yeah they never flop
Look at how we living H1GHR MUSIC
ChaCha my partner in crime dollar signs
Gochild, Phe REDS, BIG Naughty, WOOGIE, and GroovyRoom
H1GHR MUSIC we killin father time
Cause we foreva, foreva eva was outcasted
They try to kill us but we back alive
This the motha fuckin H1GHR academy TRADE L
Welcome to the family yeah you can’t refute it
Look at how we living H1GHR MUSIC

We livin’ it up H1GHR
Everything we do we make it golden
We just keep movin’ up H1GHR
Yea we’re up here in the skyline
We’ve been up here
Still movin’ H1GHR
Yeah the facts never lie
There ain’t not that much for us to prove
We keep on fighting for the gold we never lose

H1GHR Lyrics

H1GHR : RED TAPE (2020)

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