Happy Days - Die to Forget Lyrics

A sweet revisit
The tribulation
That I once forgot about
And the defeating susurration
That never left my side
Let’s see your God survive
The agony I placed for him…

Could you really dismiss such utterance
When all this time you nourished it dead
As life intended it to be
Can you feel it when everything falls?
Feeling so cold from feeling alone
Left are the ashes
The fate of mankind
Blood stains on the mirror
Exposing the abyss
Only to see what lead you to this…

Stare into the shadows of ruin
And the blood that fades on your skin
Deceived by the light that brought you inside
My dark piece of mind where nothing can hide
Going even deeper to find the source
I’m lost in oblivion yet I feel safe
Fighting insanity I regret this journey
As your fear becomes unreal…

Die to Forget Lyrics

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