Happy Days - What It Feels to Be Unloved Lyrics

Heart broken. cut me till my
Wounds reopen. Hate me till
Your heart turns black. Love me
For the piece of shit scum I am
Let this circle of rage grow within
You. I want you to hate me. I
Want to be unwanted. Seems
Like that’s all I ever recieve from
This disgusting human fucking race
All you humans are the same. All
Talk but can’t walk. Yur hatred
Is my remedy. It’s what still keeps
Me alive. It’s only benefitting me
More and more. This whole world
Is shit. You will nevеr know what
It feels to be unloved. You will
Nevеr know! You are nothing
We are nothing. Your family
Is nothing. Your thoughts are
Nothing. Your life is nothing!

What It Feels to Be Unloved Lyrics

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