Henry Purcell - The Earth trembled Lyrics

The earth trembled; and heav’n’s clos’d eye
Was loth to see the Lord of glory die:
The sky was clad in mourning, and the spheres
Forgot their harmony; the clouds dropp’d tears
Th’ambitious dead arose to give him room;
And ev’ry grave did gape to be his tomb;
Th’affrighted heav’ns sent down elegious thunder;
The world’s foundations loos’d, to lose its founder;
Th’impatient temple rent her veil in two
To teach our hearts what our sad hearts should do:
Can sensеless things do this, and shall not I
Melt one poor drop to see my Saviour diе?
Drill forth, my tears; and trickle one by one
Till you have pierc’d this heart of mind, this stone

The Earth trembled Lyrics

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