Hilltop Hoods - H Is For... Lyrics

I’m feeling like I’m MJ singing about Billie Jean
Lighting up the city street with every step that I take, are you feeling me?
Uh, silly me, I thought we all wanted each other to win but
I’m starting to think the ugliest things, the buddies I’m with the
People I’m ’round wanna cut that, cut that tall tree down
Holding me down, but fuck that, fuck that, get another shelf for the trophy lounge
I would never joke around, I’m sorry but everybody that wanted smoke is now
Bodied, and broken down
Yeah, yeah, yeah, show me you palms, join up your thumbs
Take both your index fingers, and point up at the sun
The H is for Hilltop, yell the name
P Della maing, got more props than propeller planes
These cellophane rappers, you colourful but see-through
Fuck ’em all, I’ll beat you butterballs the colour of a beetroot
And I ain’t a tough guy, I’m a tired guy, I lost my
Patience, either way man I’m dangerous, the H is…

I’m putting wraps on the chapter, been amassing a stature
For coming back with the rapture
Because I call my home wherever I roam on the cracked alabaster
I’m that flabbergasted by the fans and the passionate minds of the masses I captured
Y’all ain’t fucking with us from dust unto dust until I’m ash in a casket
We wandered a path into time, ain’t trod this far just to find
I could be forgotten in body or heart and the mind, won’t stop till they martyr my dying
Hitting rock bottoms just part of the climb, chasing a wandering star and it’s shine
And I’d rather do it harder than be another lost to the art of the rhyme
I’m trying to honour the discipline, find solace to live within, it’s constant conditioning
Keeping my focus, rappers thinking they’re woke just popping a Ritalin
So fuck a popular hit and then, sell it off any cost at a minimum
It’s not I got a problem with listening, just ain’t buying it, cognitive dissidence
I came in the door, no fame or accord, I scrapped and I claw
By grace of the lord fell straight on my swords, my name on the wall in the face of the law
In peace we’re anticipating for war, no sedating the force of the rage in my core
I was never in doubt so say it out loud, you know by now what the H is for…

H Is For... Lyrics
Album "The Great Expanse" (2019)

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