Hooligan Hefs - Off Guard (Freestyle) Lyrics

They could never catch me off guard
Even if I don’t got that, I got heart
I do what I do because I finish what I start
To be honest I would rather mine eat then starve

All those traps that we took apart
I remember those times when we did it hard
Only lasted till we flying the mask
Call us the GST the way we took charge

Late night missions, getting home early
Sleep through the day then the night back to lurking
Highway to hell no exit no turning
No 9 to 5 but we’ll still earning, we’ll still earning

Had a lot to keep learning
All of our bridges were burning
I know there burning
But if you wanted it back then you know the guns were bursting

Shots were sending, the drama’s never ending
Try off me better hope it ends me yeah cause snoopin
On the news your trending one
Of us in court trial its pending

Mums praying I get direction brah
I don’t know where I’m heading
Pigs slide through you know I’m jetting
My crews known for that 2-11

Know I do it all day
All these gronks making pave
What have they done to be on this stage
Tee up a RIP and swing em out the way

Couldn’t care less if I had something to say
Full lid dressed I got that on my waist
Time and place I got time today
Fold all the way and go all the way

Labels wanna speak to me about music
I still spin out on how did I do this
Still got the .45 ready to use it
Don’t pull it out if you’re not gonna use it

One ball runner is my type of army
Come to the crunch they fight like origami
I deep fried a chicken like I ordered a parmi
I still making flips like I’m cooking a barbie

Everyone around me share the same struggle
All of my equality and non of my buckle
All of these dogs that were leaving me in puddles
Don’t matter how he got it, just respect the hustle

Resume, check than I ride for the C
Police taped it off cause my driller caused a scene
Had the little dog busting shots for the team
Undefeated if you know what I mean

Don’t beef on the net for everyone to see
Just know my driller putting in OT
Free my brothers, free the OC we just
Lost 2 soldiers, R.I.P

We’re good anywhere outside or in prison
My brothers gave half their life to the system
I still hold it down but it still feels different
We know who’s about it and who isn’t

Off Guard (Freestyle) Lyrics


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